3D Printing

With in-house capabilities to 3D print both fused filament fabrications and continuous filament fabrications Hyde Engineering is well equipped to handle both prototype and industrial component requirements.


With the ability to print at a resolution of 50 μm  we can deliver accurate, repeatable parts with a near-perfect surface finish in hours.


Using Onyx™, a strong, tough and chemically resistant composite base material, reinforced with a variety of continuous fibres from Fibreglass, to Kevlar®, to Carbon Fibre, we can deliver components as strong as 6061-T6 Aluminum in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

Concept to Component

Coupled with our engineering support services we can work together on your project to design or reverse engineer components to improve your manufacturing operations and deliver a full turkey solution.


With availability for both onsite and remote engineering support we can service our customer’s 3D printing requirements in a way that maximises speed, efficiency and budgetary considerations.


All to ensure that you receive an accurate,  reliable and repeatable product to your door when you need it.



Our team can design bespoke products or reverse engineer existing components to cater for your needs.


Using continuous Carbon Fibre reinforced parts your product can be as strong as and capable of replacing machined alumimium.


Your parts can be printed in hours using a laser inspection print bed scanning for optimal dimension accuracy to layer height of 50 – microns


With a game changing surface finish we are able to improve your manufacturing operations at a rapid speed

Functional Materials

With our ability to reinforce base materials with the benefits of other continuous fibres we can deliver high resolution parts that are strong, absorb energy and can be flame resistant, chemical resistant, or impact resistant depending on the combination. 


With base composites of Onyx™, Onyx FR™, Onyx ESD™ or Nylon. We can combine them with Carbon Fibre, Carbon Fibre FR, Kevlar®, Fibreglass or HSHT Fibreglass to print parts that function in a myriad of environments.


For more information on these materials please click through to our materials information below.

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