3D Scanning - Inspection

As a stand alone inspection service or as part of an engineering or manufacturing solution we can inspect components to 0.02 mm + 0.035 mm/m accuracy with our portable 3D scanner.


Used in conjunction with corresponding inspection software we are able to conduct nominal-actual comparison CAD to part and part to part inspection along with functional dimensioning and providing First Article Inspection Reports.


Being fully portable we can bring quality control to you and inspect products in situ at your facility, delivering 3D measurement data reporting with the highest precision as you need.


Additionally we are fully ISO 9001 accredited and compliant.


Given the portability of our 3D scanner and its technical capabilities we are able to scan a broad range of components including large and heavy parts that may ordinarily be difficult to inspect using traditional methods.


Features such as:

  • Built-in photogrammetry
  • Enhanced precision
  • Two laser sources: red and blue


Mean it can handle scanning parts multiple  metres in size as well as many surfaces and materials, including dark and reflective finishes, or objects with deep pockets or fine details. 

On-site Inspection

A fully trained member of the Hyde Engineering team will come equipped with the 3D scanner and hardware to be able to scan your component and capture all of the required 3D measurement data.


This will be compiled into a report and sent via secure file transfer to you electronically.


Our on-site inspection services are offered on the basis of a half or full day.  

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