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Case Study - Enhancing Manufacturing Capacity and Efficiency

Client Background

A leading UK based hydraulic gear pump manufacturer that supports the agriculture sector found themselves challenged by capacity limitations in meeting increasing production needs following growing demand from their overseas client. This case study sheds light on how Hyde Engineering stepped in to address these challenges and revolutionize their manufacturing process and supply chain constraints.


While collaborating with the client on a project to develop and implement at their facility an new manufacturing method, including the commissioning of a new machining centre, supply of workholding, and a green-button production process, a critical issue arose - the customer's existing capacity couldn't keep up with the surge in demand from their own customers. They were at a crossroads, urgently needing a solution to ramp up production without compromising quality or delivery timelines.

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Recognizing the urgency, we extended our support to address the capacity constraints. The client outlined their specific requirements and timeline, capitalizing on our deep understanding of materials, designs, and manufacturing methods, especially in relation to this now running job. Leveraging our well-established network and industry insights, we collaborated with suppliers and vendors to establish a new machining facility and subcontract production line for the two variants of this component, emphasizing the efficient utilization of resources.

To ensure seamless execution, we invested in state-of-the-art multi-axis machining centers from DMG Mori and advanced measuring equipment from Hexagon. This strategic investment was guided by the insights garnered during the engineering support phase. The new machinery not only expanded their capacity via a subcontract machining resource, but also optimized production processes, ensuring quality outcomes and timely deliveries.


Our involvement didn't stop at opening the new manufacturing facility, equipment acquisition and establishing a production line. We continued to work closely with and support the client, with their internal production process. This lessons-learned approach expedited our subsequent in-house manufacturing methods, facilitating the swift delivery of initial parts for approval. With successful production running and approved supplier status secured, our partnership continues to yield benefits.

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Beyond immediate capacity expansion, the partnership brought forth numerous advantages. Our agile approach, as an SME, ensured decision-makers were engaged from the outset, eliminating delays linked to capital authorization. Our early-stage participation in process development significantly compressed the time from purchase order placement to first-off approval and ongoing order fulfillment.

Furthermore, we opened avenues for the client to identify other components that could benefit from our support, mitigating their future capacity bottlenecks. By offering a comprehensive end-to-end manufacturing solution, both internally and as an external subcontractor, we streamlined their supply chain, not just for this project, but for various components.


This case study exemplifies how Hyde Engineering's proactive collaboration, industry insights, and commitment to innovation can reshape manufacturing challenges into opportunities for growth. Through a strategic blend of expertise, advanced machinery, and process refinement, we helped our client overcome capacity constraints, optimize processes, and bolster their overall manufacturing efficiency.

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