Whether it’s a complete turnkey solution, or just one particular service, Hyde Engineering has experience across multiple sectors to support all requirements.  With the latest in software, machine tools and additive manufacturing we can advise and support on everything from design, tooling, manufacturing, and verification to give customers the best value in one place.

Aerospace, marine and defence

Hyde Engineering have worked in the design and manufacture of products for the aerospace, marine and defence industries. We understand the challenges and exacting demands of this sector through the knowledge we have gained from the years of experience and continuous development in this sector.

Automotive and motorsport

We serve all areas of automotive and motorsport and have excellent knowledge of the specific needs of this sector. We can undertake the most complex and demanding challenges in the provision of products for automotive industry machining applications. This could even be an instance where a fully custom-engineered process may be needed.


We work for companies providing turning, milling, grinding, thread rolling and NDT services, as well as bespoke, high integrity solutions to the nuclear industry. Our relationships in this industry are well established and our experience in the providing of design and manufacture of complex solutions enables us to meet the usual challenges facing the provision of work for this industry. 

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry creates particular and significant challenges for  machine tool providers such as chip formation, long cross holes, interrupted cuts and working with high strength carbon steel. 


Many of the machines at Hyde and the approved subcontractors we work with in providing solutions in this sector have machines large enough to accommodate the variety of components typical of those required in the oil and gas industry, in nearly always in difficult to machine materials.

In house capacity or capability issues, we can provide Subcontract Machining support.