Automotive and motorsport

Automotive and motorsport

Hyde Engineering caters to the diverse needs of the automotive and motorsport industry by offering comprehensive engineering support services, workholding solutions, multi-axis CNC machining, and 3D printing services. We recognize the time-critical nature of this sector, where speedy delivery and cost competitiveness are crucial elements in the supply chain. Equipped with cutting-edge capabilities, we embrace even the most intricate and demanding challenges, providing top-quality products and services to our esteemed automotive and motorsport clients.

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Our core mission is to work closely with clients in providing innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions. Through this collaboration, we aim to genuinely improve and transform their manufacturing processes and methodologies, enabling them to achieve their objectives with measurable outcomes.

Here you can find some specific examples on how we have implemented this practice on customer projects.

Case Study Efficiency

While engaged in a project aimed at developing a manufacturing method including workholding for a client, they expressed interest in our ability to assist with subcontracting the production of that specific component. This request arose due to their limited capacity to meet the escalating demands from their own customer read more

Case Study 2

With a longstanding partnership in place supporting the design and manufacture of workholding and manufacturing methodologies, an existing defense customer approached us to inquire about our capacity to assist them in manufacturing a time critical batch of components. These components were urgently needed, surpassing their internal production capabilities read more

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