Workholding Solutions

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Tailored to the specific requirements of the application.

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Secure and precise positioning for repeatability.

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Incorporating technology to enhance process control.

Our expertise lies in designing, manufacturing, and delivering highly efficient and reliable workholding systems for machining, assembly, and inspection processes.

Our Workholding Solutions


We are dedicated to providing custom-designed workholding solutions that enhance productivity, quality, and competitiveness.

We take pride in our innovative approach and commitment to continuous improvement, which keeps us at the forefront of workholding technology and enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.



Machining / Assembly /


Inspection and Quality Control /


Welding and Fabrication


Material selection depends on factors such as the specific application requirements, workpiece materials, machining forces, environmental conditions, and desired performance characteristics.

Typical materials include:


Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminium / Brass /

Engineering Plastics (nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene) /

Composite Materials (carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP))

Why choose us to be your

Workholding Solution Partner of Choice?

By choosing us as your workholding solution partner, you can benefit from our application expertise, in-house manufacturing and customization capabilities, commitment to quality, collaborative approach, and exceptional support. We are dedicated to delivering workholding solutions that help you optimize your manufacturing processes and achieve your production goals with confidence.


We have extensive expertise and experience in designing workholding

With skilled engineers and technicians onsite, we analyse workpiece geometries, material characteristics, and machining forces, to ensure the selection and setup of the most effective workholding devices. We also consider factors such as stability, repeatability, and accessibility, aiming to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. View case studies of our previous projects (internal link)

Fastest production available without comprimising on quality

We boast a comprehensive suite of in-house capabilities and equipment for CAD/CAM, 5-axis machining, assembly, and verification, to ensure faster turnaround times, greater flexibility in design modifications, and enhanced quality assurance without compromising on precision, accuracy, or reliability. More on our in-house machining capabilities. (internal link)

Advancing workholding with integrated tech and automation

In addition to guaranteeing precise workpiece positioning and dependable performance, our solutions can seamlessly integrate advanced features such as PLCs, pneumatic and hydraulic control solutions, state-of-the-art clamping mechanisms, automation, and sensor technology, to optimize overall system efficiency and enhance process control.

Commitment to exceptional technical support

With a solution focused mindset, we can extend our support to your team, whether it's on-site or remotely, to assist with various other aspects such as installation, CAM program writing, and prove-out. By doing so, we ensure the implementation of a complete manufacturing methodology that optimizes your production processes. More about our engineering capabilities. (internal link)


Featured Works

Our core mission is to work closely with clients in providing innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions. Through this collaboration, we aim to genuinely improve and transform their manufacturing processes and methodologies, enabling them to achieve their objectives with measurable outcomes.

Here you can find some specific examples on how we have implemented this practice on customer projects.

Case Study Efficiency

While engaged in a project aimed at developing a manufacturing method including workholding for a client, they expressed interest in our ability to assist with subcontracting the production of that specific component. This request arose due to their limited capacity to meet the escalating demands from their own customer read more

Case Study 2

With a longstanding partnership in place supporting the design and manufacture of workholding and manufacturing methodologies, an existing defense customer approached us to inquire about our capacity to assist them in manufacturing a time critical batch of components. These components were urgently needed, surpassing their internal production capabilities read more

Frequently Asked Questions

At Hyde Engineering, we go beyond mere supply; we collaborate closely with our customers, providing guidance and support at every step.

From explaining simple terminology to those unfamiliar with a process, to partnering with experienced companies, we ensure the delivery of superior and cost-effective products. Our commitment to customer success drives us to offer comprehensive solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

Advanced workholding refers to the use of innovative and specialized techniques, technologies, and equipment to securely hold workpieces during various manufacturing processes. It goes beyond traditional workholding methods to offer enhanced precision, flexibility, and efficiency in workpiece positioning and clamping.