What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is at the heart of everything we do at Hyde Engineering Ltd.

While broadly speaking it is about using the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering, to design and produce an object; specifically, for us, it is about applying that ability to solve customers’ manufacturing and supply chain problems.

Delivering safe, efficient, sustainable and ethical solutions for the design of manufacturing methodologies, processes, and systems, to produce work holding, and manufactured components to clients’ specific requirements within the timeframe they need it.

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How we do it - Digitisation

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE, CAD, CAM)

We utilise the latest software packages as a part of our engineering services and overall solutions to design, optimise, simulate, and validate our manufacturing methodologies.

To assist with the creation, modification, analysis and optimisation of designs we have seats in multiple computer aided design (CAD) packages, such as Siemens NXAutoDesk Fusion 360, and SolidWorks to create CAD models.

Using the CAD generated models in conjunction with our seats in computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software, EDGECAMPowerMill, and hyperMILL, we are able to automate and digitise the manufacturing process offline, to generate, simulate and validate machining toolpaths before putting material onto a machine.

These toolpaths can then be converted using the CAM post processor into G-code, which the machines can understand.

Digitising this pre-processing phase brings us many advantages that we can then pass onto our customers in terms of cost and time efficiencies, accurate repeatable manufacturing, all leading to a high quality, precision product at the end of the process.

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Subtractive Manufacturing - CNC Machining

Digitisation and automation does not end with the pre-processing phase at Hyde Engineering Ltd. as we have invested in the latest multi-axis subtractive CNC machining technologies. See our plant list for more information

Our CNC (computer numerical control) machines use the G-code created in pre-processing to generate machining instructions to control multiple three-dimensional (3D) cutting tasks in as few operations as possible, to complete the manufacturing cycle in as little time as is possible.

With a suite of world renown high performing, high efficiency, 2+3 and full simultaneous 5 axis milling and mill-turn machines we can offer high quality accurate components to the specific and diverse requirements of a wide range of industries; such as aerospace, motorsport, defence, automotive, agriculture. Read more on multi axis miachining in our article on 5 axis cnc machining 

With machines already prepped for automation, we are actively researching ways to create additional efficiencies through the use of automated pallet change and robotic technology.

Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing in that it adds and joins materials together to make 3D objects from the 3D models created during the digital CAD phase.

The biggest benefit of this is being able to optimise the shape of the component and produce it without waste, as well as how quickly the process can go from model to component.

Depending on the industry, this lends itself well to processes such as prototyping, printing very intricate parts not able to be machined conventionally, reverse engineering obsolete components, inspection work-holding, etc.

We are able to supply both polymer and metal 3D printed solutions. Our polymer’s range from basic PLA to industrial strength carbon fibre infused nylon, which can also be strengthened and further infused with other materials to give it different properties. See our materials list for more information

Metal wise it ranges from Inconel, to copper and beyond, again with properties specific to certain applications.

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Quality Products and Services

Hyde Engineering Ltd. is certified to ISO9001 so you are guaranteed that the engineering and manufacturing products and services you receive from us are in line with those world renown standards.

If required, we also have the capability on site to validate the quality of our manufactured components, through the use of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to measure the geometry of the part along with any critical features specified by our customers.

Engineering Solution Provider of Choice

With all of these facets of mechanical engineering housed under one roof, Hyde Engineering Ltd is perfectly placed to be your engineering solution provider of choice.

Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to ensure they have the outsourced engineering services they need within their supply chain to build resilience and ensure efficient delivery of their commitments to their customers.

If you would like any further information about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01543 755870, or email [email protected]

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